Recladding completed

Recladding Completed by GNC Industrial

 What is recladding?

Re-cladding is the application of one material either over another or as a replacement, in order to provide another, newer, more effective layer. Cladding is also used to provide an increased degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance and also to improve the appearance of buildings. There can be a wide range of materials used in cladding, for example the materials used may include, brick, metal, or vinyl. For a further understand of cladding click here.

Here at GNC Industrial we offer a specialist re-cladding service, we are also able to use equipment from our high level cleaning service, (for more information on this service click here), which means our re-cladding service can undertake jobs beyond the range of ladders etc. Having the ability to use our high level cleaning equipment for a re-cladding job also allows GNC’s engineers to complete their tasks faster, safer and more efficiently, whilst still maintaining the high standards we set for ourselves as a business when completing a job for a client.

How do GNC complete a re-cladding job?

One of the most recent re-cladding jobs GNC’s engineers were tasked with completing for a client was the complete re-cladding of the upper external walls of a house that sits on a large estate in Hull. This was, of course, at high height, so required the use of specialist equipment from our high level cleaning service. This would allow GNC’s engineers to safely reach the section of the house that required re-cladding.

before recladding image

Our engineers first task was to remove the old cladding, once this was safely done our engineers then made sure the house water tight and thermally insulated. It was then time to recladd the house in the material most suited to the job and the client’s tastes. The material chosen to recladd the house was wood, this choice would ensure that the house was water tight, improve the thermal installation, as well as improving the general appearance of the clients property.

after recladding image

Here at GNC Industrial our specialist services are available 24 hours a day, and are available for emergency circumstances. If you would like to book, or inquire about one of our specialist services please click here.

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