Our Industrial Cleaning Services

ultra high pressure water jetting jobs

Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

We can deliver upto 3000 BAR (45000 psi) with approximate water volumes of 12 gallons (32 L.P.M.) per minute and has long been a reliable, often the only, method for industrial cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals.

Some UHP Water Jetting services that GNC Industrial offers but not by any means is this a complete list:

  • "Concrete removal, and concrete repair work", we use UHP water jetting to effectively remove concrete. We are also able to prepare the surface underneath for further work to be carried out.
  • Ship hull cleaning, the purpose of ship hull cleaning is to remove fouling, so that there is a decrease in drag on a ship.
  • "Industrial tank cleaning", we use UHP water jetting to maintain the tanks,so harmful toxins don't buildup.
  • Pipeline cleaning, and pipeline descaling. We advise that you clean your pipelines at regular intervals because if not there may be a buildup of scale, and wax, which could lead to reduced efficiency.
  • Unblocking drains, we are a sister company to "The Drain Company (Hull) Ltd" which specialises in all types of "drainage services", as well as other services.
plant machinery cleaning

High Pressure & Hot Water Jetting

Selected for its versatile and effective industrial cleaning, but requires professional expertise to be used safely and cleanly. Our high pressure water jetting machines run up to 1500 BAR (20000 psi).

We have a 95 degree Hot Water Jetting machine ideal for industrial cleaning within the food production and oil industries for pipeline cleaning, plant machinery cleaning, and grease removal.

Our high pressure, and hot water jetting services involve:

  • Plant machinery maintenance, regular machine maintenance is the key to keeping your plant equipment running efficiently and safely. Our planned machinery maintenance service is tailored to suit your individual needs of each client.
  • Rubbish chute cleaning and skip cleaning, we use high pressure water jetting to perform our rubbish chute and skip cleaning services, because it effectively removes the buildup of bacteria, and reduces the risk of blockages.
  • Grease removal, the use of fats, oils and grease (FOGs) in commercial kitchens, and factories can cause blocked drains, and bring sewage backup. The use of our grease removal services ensures your commercial kitchen, or factory runs smoothly and without disruption.
  • We offer a grease trap removal service throughout the UK. Grease can build up very quickly inside grease traps making them ineffective. The buildup of the grease can also make it difficult to dispose of and become a source of odours.
  • Graffiti removal, our graffiti removal service use high pressure water to effective remove graffiti, instead of using aggressive or corrosive chemicals.
  • Chewing gum removal, we are able to remove unattractive stains which are left dotted around, our chewing gum removal service ensures that your premises are chewing gum free when we leave.
heat exchanger cleaning

Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Industrial Tube Cleaning

Our specialised tube cleaning system allows us to quickly and efficiently clean all different tube designs, whether this is stainless steel, mid steel or copper for a variety of tubing sizes and applications.

Our heat exchanger cleaning service and tube cleaning service improves condenser efficiency, restoring tubes to best working condition, and extends the life of the tubes. We effectively remove fouling, which increases heat transfer, which saves fuel for our client.

Our heat changer cleaning, and industrial tube cleaning services involve:

  • Heat exchanger cleaning, we are very flexible with our heat exchanger cleaning service, and are able to meet the individual needs of each client. Also, we are able to work outisde of normal working hours, to reduce impact of production.
  • Heat exchanger maintenance service, to effectively remove fouling, so that the heat exchanger is always performing efficiently as possible.
  • Tube cleaning service, so that the tubes life is extended, and there isn't a constant need to change industrial tubes.
industrial tank cleaning

Industrial Tank Cleaning and Duct Cleaning

Tank cleaning is the process of preparing industrial tanks and vessels for inspections, removing blockages and preventing contamination. Call us today for our tank cleaning service!

Tank cleaning and duct cleaning is a task that every one hates, unless you have the correct equipment and training. We have cleaned over 100 tanks ranging from 5m up to 50m wide and up to 20m in height so you can be reassured we have the experience you need.

Over time, the ducts accumulate dust and debris, which can then become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould, especially if raised temperatures and humidity are also present. Our duct cleaning service is effective in bacteria removal, and mould removal from ducts, call us today for a free quote!

Factory Flumes or Duct also require specialist equipment and CCTV camera systems to ensure the work has been carried out successfully and to a standard your insurance company expects.

Our industrial tank cleaning, and duct cleaning services involve:

  • Duct cleaning, our duct cleaning cleaning services is effective in removing bacteria, and mould from ducts. Also, we offer a duct maintenance service so that there is never a large buildup of bacteria, or mould within a duct.
  • Air vent cleaning, our air vent cleaning service is effective in removing bacteria, and mould from air vents.
  • Industrial tank cleaning, we perform our industrial tank cleaning services through high pressure & hot water jetting. Our engineers are confined space trained operatives, so that we are able to clean every inch of an industrial tank.
  • Oil tank cleaning, and fuel tank cleaning services we have confined space trained operatives, so that the oil tank and fuel tank can thoroughly be cleaned.
  • Fuel tank cleaning, we offer a UK wide fuel tank cleaning service, meaning there is always a fuel tank cleaner near you.
  • We also offer a commercial waste removal service from industrial tanks if required by the client.
high level cleaning

High Level Cleaning

We have extensive experience in High Level Cleaning, whether its inside a factory or gutter cleaning the exterior we have the knowledge and ability to carry out these tasks.

High-level cleaning is one of our core services. We carry out high-level cleans for clients in industrial production and storage areas, factories, and clinical areas such as refineries, food production and medical production facilities.

Also, through our high level cleaning we are able to offer a gutter cleaning service, and pest control service. This is performed by our sister company "The Drain Company (Hull) Ltd", who specialises in all "drainage services", and all aspects of pest control.

Our high level cleaning service involves:

  • Gutter cleaning, gutter repair, and blocked gutter service, our sister company The Drain Company (Hull) Ltd will carry this out as they specialise in all drainage services. Our industrial gutter cleaning service is also available for domestic gutter cleaning circumstances. Don't forget if you're struggling with any other drainage issue "contact us" today so we can solve it for you!
  • Bird roosting removal, using the humane methods of spikes to stop birds roosting there, or a gel which simulates a fire. This would be carried out by our sister company The Drain Company who specialise in all "pest control services" from any level of height.
surface preparation of a ship

Surface Preparation

If you need surface preparation, we have the equipment to do the job quickly, efficiently and safely.

Contact us for more details and we can even demo onsite to ensure you get the best solution for your surface preparation work.

Our surface preparation services include:

concrete cutting

Concrete Repair and Concrete Cutting

UHP Water Jetting can be used where conventional drilling of concrete cannot. Does not damage the steel supports in place and ideal for bridges, Arches and low level work.

Our concrete cutting, and concrete repair services involve:

  • Concrete repair in sitchu
  • Graffiti removal, we use "high pressure water jetting" to perform our graffiti removal services. We use rotational water jetters to effectively remove graffiti from concrete.
  • Chewing gum removal, we use high pressure water jetting to perform our chewing gum removal services. We ensure you that time we have left your premise will be chewing gum free.
chemical cleaning of a factory

Chemical Cleaning

Here at "GNC Industrial Cleaning" we provide some of the largest blue chip companies in the "food" & "beverage industry" with our "services"

Whilst chemical cleaning is often viewed unfavourably, it does offer benefits including.

  • Self contained cleaning
  • Improved heat transfer coefficients
  • No need to arrange disposal of waste water

Blasting Techniques

Blasting techniques are used when ultra high pressure and high pressure water jetting occurs and an introduction of abrasive materials are required to help the cleaning process such as

  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Aluminium oxide
  • Sponge grit
  • Slurry
  • Sand
Cleaning of an air conveying system

Air Conveying Systems

Our industrial vacuum cleaning systems are ideal for collecting large amounts of dust, aggregates and liquids, in fact, anything that will flow up a hose. Materials can then be collected in hoppers, skips and hook-lift containers.

We realise that every Air Conveying work is different so why not call us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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