After the heat exchanger cleaning

Heat Exchanger Cleaning of Industrial Factory

Factory Shut Down

GNC Industrial Cleaning specialises in Heat Exchanger Cleaning through high pressure water jetting, for more information check out Heat Exchanger Cleaning service page. At GNC Industrial Cleaning we work with some of the largest food producing companies in the United Kingdom. Our tasks vary depending on the needs of our clients, one of the most recent shut downs GNC worked on was the cleaning of the fryers for one of the UK’s largest food production factories in the Yorkshire area.

How do we carry out a Heat Exchanger Cleaning Job?

Cleaning a Heat Exchanger can be a difficult job, but our engineers complete Heat Exchanger cleaning jobs fast and efficiently. To clean a Heat Exchanger it can mean the whole production line has to be stopped for a short period of time whilst the Heat Exchangers are cleaned. However, our engineers are willing to work through the night in order to clean the Heat Exchangers, therefore the production line can continue in its operation throughout the day.

Here at GNC we use specialist high pressure water jetting equipment to remove the fouling from the Heat Exchanger, this will improve the condenser efficiency and heat transfer through the Heat Exchanger. Improving the heat transfer through the Heat Exchanger will save on the amount of fuel being used, therefore meaning the process of producing food is now more efficient, and saves the food producing company money on fuel.

Heat exchanger cleaning

Our specialist services are available 24 hours a day, and for emergency circumstances. If you would like to book, or enquire about one of our specialist services please click here.

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