Ultra High Pressure Water jetting

Ultra High Pressure Water jetting

We can deliver upto 3000 BAR (45000 psi) with approximate water volumes of 12 gallons (32 L.P.M.) per minute and has long been a reliable, often the only, method for industrial cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals.

Some UHP Water Jetting services that GNC Industrial offers but not by any means is this a complete list:

  • Surface Preparation
  • Concrete Removal and Repair work
  • Ship Hull Cleaning
  • Tube and Tank Cleaning
  • Pipeline Cleaning and De-scaling
  • Runway Rubber Removal
  • Fused Polymer from within silos
  • Unblocking Concrete from drains

We can prepare surfaces back to their original state without damaging the original material.

Our Hot Water Jetting machines deliver up to 1000 Bar (14,000 psi) for the Food and Refinery sectors.

Our specialised Tube Cleaning System can clean all different tube sizes from 12mm upto 200mm.

Our experienced engineers have cleaned all types of Tank and Ducting Systems.

We have years of experience carrying out High Level cleaning of internal and external buildings.

The ability to remove concrete in the most difficult to reach areas using fast and efficient UHP Water Jetting is key for the UK Construction Industry.